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About Us

Thewake Systems Co. Ltd was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. We are committed to build world's leading AI systems for a better daily life through heterogeneity-aware software tool chains support.

Thewake currently has two R&D teams in the Manchester-Leeds of the UK, and system testing and ecological cooperation bases in Ningbo and Nanjing, China and has received tens of millions of venture capital funding from Miracleplus and multiple Tsinghua alumni funds.

Our Product

After two years of research and development, Thewake launched its first product MLBase in 2023.

It includes the heterogeneity-aware compiler FCC, Profiler-based AI performance analysis tool MLAna, and Deepspeed-based AI deployment tools MLTrainer & MLTuner.

Customer Success

Thewake MLBase currently support the actual use of LLM- based AI Applications on such as healthcare and metaverse:

Customer on Industrial Design

Thewake MLBase assists designers and relevant enterprise personnel to work efficiently, save costs and make decisions quickly. It has been put online in the production of many companies and can provide a variety of products without changing the structure of the original product.

Customer on Medical Diagnosis:

Thewake MLBase assists researchers training multi-modal models for medical diagnosis. By uploading chest X-rays, the model outputs diagnostic recommendations to assist doctors in further evaluation and analysis of the patient's condition.

Join Us

We provide Thewake PhD Fellowship to support talents to join us and work with us under one of our two R&D teams in the Manchester-Leeds of the UK doing industrial-oriented research.

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